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We start by discussing what you most need and want out of my review and what kind of feedback is most effective for you. In addition to a Word document with track changes edits and suggested revisions, I provide a detailed report that abstracts your argument and explains how suggested revisions address the objectives you defined; it may also identify other issues (writing tics, suggestions for structure, etc). If you are facing a deadline, I can also help you to identify which revisions will have the greatest impact. After you've had a chance to digest my feedback, we can meet to address any questions or discuss strategies for revision.

Pencil and Shavings

Developmental Editing


Big-picture attention to content, addressing argument, analysis, organization/structure, engagement with sources, and authorial tone.

Copy Editing


Detailed attention to your writing, including sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, consistency, typos, and citation formatting.


The cost of your project will depend on a number of factors:

  • The type of editing you want and need (developmental is usually more time-intensive than copy)

  • The length of your manuscript (to calculate pages, divide the word count-- including notes-- by 250)

  • The state of your manuscript (does it need a final buff to bring out the shine? or do you need something a bit more robust, to address long-standing and/or unrecognized tics in your writing?)

Depending on the above (and possibly more!) factors, I can usually work through 4-8 pages (of 250 words) an hour, and my hourly rate is US$75.


To work out a (very) rough (non-binding) range, use these formulas:

[# of words ÷ 250 (manuscript length)] x 75 (hourly rate) ÷ 4 pages/hr= [higher end of range]

[# of words ÷ 250 (manuscript length)] x 75 (hourly rate) ÷ 8 pages/hr= [lower end of range]


Again, this is just a way to guesstimate. When we meet to discuss your needs, I will likely ask you to show me a sample of your manuscript so that I can calibrate a more accurate estimate, in conjunction with your specific needs.


Additionally, if you need a turn around time in less than 10 working days (2 weeks), there is a $100 rush surcharge. If your need turn around in less than 5 working days (1 week), the rush surcharge is $200.


Working with an editor is an investment. Financial, yes, but also in the quality and clarity of your writing. I want you to be a better writer going forward because you have worked with me. If your back-of-the-envelop math has you worried that you can't afford to work with me, please connect with me anyway. It's important to me that finances are not a barrier, and we may be able to figure out a way to meet your needs within your budget.

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